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Epi-Mathematical Areas

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These are the fields of the Mathematics Subject Classification which do not study mathematics so much as the pursuit of mathematics. They discuss the nature of mathematics or mathematicians, or the propagation of the discipline, or recount some very basic mathematical concepts. As a rule, this material is poorly tracked in indices and databases of mathematics, but some of it has a genuine place in the MSC scheme.

Only sections 00 and 01 show in the MathMap since section 97 is newly added starting in the year 2000, so there are no statistical data giving it a well-defined location on the MathMap. Given the nature of these fields, it is to be expected that all of them will be more or less central in the picture, related to a similar degree to all other areas.

The MSC has previously used a few other very general classifications appropriate here: 99: "Miscellaneous", and 69: "General applied mathematics".

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