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Analysis of Numerical Topics

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Here we consider fields of mathematics which address the issues of how to carry out --- numerically or even in principle --- those computations and algorithms which are treated formally or abstractly in other branches of analysis. These are shown in the MathMap in green.

We have bundled together these areas into a stop on the tour since each is concerned with issues which, from a theoretical perspective, are trivial (e.g., addition or ordering of a set of real numbers!) but without which a naive appeal to machine computation, say, would be impossible. It must be admitted, however, that the links among these fields are not remarkably strong than their links with other parts of mathematics.

For the more abstract theory of algorithms or information flow, jump to the Computer Sciences part of the tour.

If you've clicked on topics "in order", you've now visited all the general areas of analysis. If you missed any, or if you'd like to continue the tour of other areas besides analysis, you can do so by returning now to the analysis page.

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