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Computational and Information Sciences

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By design of the Mathematics Subject Classification, literature concerning specific computations and algorithms is classified with the area of mathematics to which the computations are applied. But mathematics can return the favor and study the process by which computers carry out their information handling.

For more fields concerned with the theory and development of numerical algorithms and their applications, take the Numerical methods part of the tour. Principal among these is Numerical Analysis proper, the study of methods of computing numerical data.

Fields which have contributed to the development of Computer Science include in particular 03: Logic (e.g. Turing machines and so on) and 05: Combinatorics (e.g. complexity analysis, the traveling salesman problem). Of particular interest in Information and Communication are tools from abstract algebra, particularly linear algebra and group theory, for the analysis of coding theory.

You might want to continue the tour with a trip through applications to the sciences.

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