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Analytic areas of mathematics

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Analysis looks carefully at the results obtained in calculus and related areas. One might characterize algebra and geometry as the search for elegant conclusions from small sets of axioms; in analysis on the other hand the measure of success is more frequently the ability to hone a tool which could be applied throughout science. Thus in particular, most of the calculations are done with the real numbers or complex numbers being implicitly understood.

Mathematical Analysis includes many of the MSC primary headings, a large portion of the mathematics literature, and much of the most easily applied mathematics. Perhaps, then, it is appropriate to subdivide this topic; although schemes for this subdivision are not very standard, we may identify five neighborhoods in the "MathMap", shown here in varying shades of green.

We will treat each of these areas in a separate page. (The division of Analysis into parts is not particularly sharp, but we will be able to make comments drawing together neighboring fields on the MathMap, so we accept this division for the purposes of a tour!).

Click on any of these major headings to take a short tour. You might want to begin with classical analysis.

When you're done with analysis, you might want to continue the tour with a trip through probability and statistics.

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