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Freetext search in Mathematical Atlas files

This is a search through all the files at the "Mathematical Atlas" site.

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You may combine search words with OR, AND and NOT, but separate words must be separated a connective. The AND-expressions are evaluated before the OR-expressions. For instance the search expression aa AND bb OR cc will find all documents containing both aa and bb, plus all documents containing cc. You may also write this as ( aa AND bb ) OR cc. The search expression aa OR bb AND NOT cc will find all documents containing bb and that does not contain cc, plus all documents containing aa. You may also write this as aa OR ( bb AND (NOT cc) ).

You can search for partial words by truncating them with *, for instance aa* will match all words beginning with aa. * by itself will match any word. There is no other matching for partial words.

Warning: this search engine does not handle non-ASCII codes well (neither as 8-bit characters nor encoded as strings of ASCII characters). Since most of the "Selected Topics" files are flat ASCII anyway, you should probably search for "Godel" or "Goedel" rather than attempting "Gödel" or "Gödel". On the other hand, the index pages are designed to show the names properly to the extent permitted by the most widely-used HTML standards; in particular, neither "Godel" nor "Goedel" will match anything on those pages. If you do wish to search the index pages, you may use a separate Index Page Search form. You may view a complete list of words and names affected.

This search engine designed by the MultiTorg project at Telenor Research (Norway) [web site http://www.nta.no/produkter/ffw/ffw.html no longer available]

Note: The documents in the database include many informal messages from newsgroups and email. Each has been reviewed briefly for correctness but no imprimatur should be assumed.

You may wish to set your browser to a fixed-width font to read most of these files.

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The only connective is AND. Matching is by whole words only. There is no support for non-ASCII characters (although e.g. "Poincar" will match "Poincaré" if the latter is entered into a document in any way which is interpreted as an end-of-word indicator, e.g. "Poincar'e").

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