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This page is designed as a visual index to the subfields of mathematics. If your browser supports clickable image maps, you should be able to click on an area of the map to bring up the index page for that area. If your browser supports Javascript, pointing your mouse at an area should reveal the name of the discipline under the map as well as in the dialogue box at the bottom of your browser display. (One or more may fail with some browsers.)

Other types of navigation tools at the Mathematical Atlas:

The fields in the "bubbles" are the major heading areas in the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme. (This is the scheme developed by the American Mathematical Society and Zentralblatt für Mathematik. Here it is modified a bit for our purposes; here's the original.) The fields in the display at right are subjectively created but reflect common groupings of the disciplines into broad areas.

The sizes of the bubbles reflect the numbers of papers published in the last two decades in each area. Placement of the bubbles in the image is designed to reflect degrees of relatedness of the discipline. The creation of this map is largely determined by an algorithm, not a subjective choice. You can get more information about this image if you wish. Similar (more detailed) local views of the MathMap are planned for the individual index pages, to present an "atlas" of the discipline. Suggestions welcome.

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