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This is a minor modification of the search form for the archives at the Math Forum at Swarthmore University. Original form: © 1994-1999 The Math Forum. You may wish to use their original forms to: Math Forum resources: Suggestion Box || Home || The Collection || Help Desk || Quick Reference

Warning: The signal-to-noise ratio in discussion groups varies from group to group. Here we have pre-filtered to the messages in the moderated group sci.math.research (about 14000 messages since inception, Sep. 1991); this is more likely to generate high quality matches. You might prefer to widen the search to include all discussion groups; this is more likely to generate a high quantity of matches.

You may prefer to search the newsgroup archive at DejaNews, which has a much larger collection of newsgroups on archive (here is a list of mathematical newsgroups.) Moreover, the archives at DejaNews go back further (to about March 1995) in general; note however that DejaNews does not carry the early years of sci.math.research, nor any of the mailing lists.

Other, newer, providers of USENET archives include RemarQ and Altavista.

For your convenience, here are the sci.math.research subject lines 1991-1994 (this is a large file -- about 180K).

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