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Index using Referativnyi Zhurnal System

Here are the top-level areas of mathematics and related fields classified according to the Referativnyi Zhurnal classification system, used in reviewing journals in the Soviet Union. [Present status unknown]. This classification was prepared as a piece of the UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) which covers all knowledge in a fairly uniform way. Here we use the portion for Mathematics, every entry of which should have the field "271." prepended to the numbers below. The list is taken from an English translation at the AMS; here it is HTML-ized and a few obvious typos have been fixed. Note that there were a few questions inserted by the translators.

While this division reflects current mathematical reality well, the system used more commonly among (Western) mathematicians is the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme, which is the basis for the organization of materials at this site. (Return to that index now.)

At this time there are links only for the broadest classifications of the RZ scheme. (The RZ scheme includes some very deeply nested groups, e.g. for "Invariant objects in Riemann and pseudo-Riemann spaces".)

Since there are 2040 entries in this table, we provide bookmarks to the 19 top-level divisions on this page:

271 Mathematics

01 General questions of mathematics

03 Foundations of mathematics, mathematical logic

15 Number theory

17 Algebra

19 Topology

21 Geometry

23 Mathematical analysis

25 Theory of functions of a real variable

27 Theory of functions of complex variables

29 Ordinary differential equations

31 Partial differential equations

33 Integral equations

35 Differential and integral equations of mathematical models in the natural sciences

37 Calculus of variations and the mathematical theory of optimal control

39 Functional analysis

41 Numerical mathematics

43 Probability theory and mathematical statistics

45 Combinatorial analysis. Graph theory

47 Mathematical cybernetics

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