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Index using Library Of Congress System

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Here are the top-level areas of mathematics and related fields classified according to the Library of Congress classification system, used in many research libraries in North America and elsewhere. For further information about the LOC system, visit the Library itself; you may prefer to search for a subject classification or browse the LOC's classification system [Note: the browse feature offers subfields in response to the 'See other search suggestions for:' directive, but these do not appear to be offered in a systematic way, e.g. "multilinear algebra" is offered but not "linear algebra"] Further information also available from sites which use the system.

At the level of generality shown below, the LOC serves only as a coarse guide to the subject areas of mathematics. The system used more commonly among mathematicians is the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme, which is the basis for the organization of materials at this site. A more refined list of subject headings (they are published but not easily accessible here) received from any librarian would be most welcome. Here we link some of the major headings of the LOC code with nearly corresponding index pages at this site.

QA 1-939 --- Mathematics

The Library of Congress system treats the following as separate from Mathematics but there are some areas of substantial overlap with portions of the MSC. Note that the MSC, and the materials at this site, consider only the mathematical aspects of these sciences.

[See also Engineering applications, Sociology, Psychology, Financial math, etc.]

The LOC subject browser offers this list of "Narrower Topics" within Mathematics; many are not within the purview of this site. (Indeed, many are scarcely part of mathematics at all, and many subfields of mathematics are not listed, so it is not clear how this list was generated.)

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