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Index using Dewey Decimal System

Here are the top-level areas of mathematics and related fields classified according to the Dewey Decimal system, used in many libraries worldwide. For further information about the DDC, visit the Dewey home page or visit the Cyber-Dewey page for applying the DDC to Internet resources. If you need to find resources by DDC number, try this search tool at the Library of Congress.

At this level of generality, the DDC serves only as a coarse guide to the subject areas of mathematics. The system used more commonly among mathematicians is the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme, which is the basis for the organization of materials at this site; the list of subfields according to that system is rather longer.

If any DDC aficionado wishes to send in the one hundred or so headings 51x.x it may be possible to convert them to appropriate MSC headings; based only on very limited information it seems appropriate to suggest these links:

510 --- Mathematics

The Dewey Decimal scheme treats the following as separate from Mathematics but there are some areas of substantial overlap with portions of the MSC:

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