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Index using M.A.A. Basic Library List

Here are the top-level areas of mathematics and related fields classified according to the Mathematical Association of America for the construction of their "Basic Library List". (Accompanying that list is a collection of selected texts and reference works for the different areas, usually at the undergraduate level.)

Note that this system is not necessarily geared towards complete coverage of advanced mathematics; indeed, several of the areas are not really distinct areas of mathematics at all but introductions to the applications of certain mathematical techniques to various other fields of study. The system used more commonly among mathematicians is the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme, which is the basis for the organization of materials at this site; some of the topics below will then not correspond very closely to any of the index pages here.

[No links are yet provided from the list below to the index pages at this site; sorry.]

Major Headings:




Recreational Mathematics


Calculus and Precalculus

Differential Equations


Foundations and Mathematical Logic

Discrete Mathematics

Number Theory

Linear Algebra




Vocational and Technical Mathematics

Business Mathematics

Numerical Analysis

Modeling and Operations Research



Computer Science

Applications to Life Sciences

Applications to Physical Sciences

Applications to Social Sciences

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