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81: Quantum Theory


Quantum Theory: study of solutions of the Schrödinger (differential) equation! Also includes a good deal of Lie group theory and quantum group theory, theory of distributions and topics from Functional analysis, Yang-Mills problems, Feynman diagrams, and so on.


See the article on Quantum theory at St Andrews.

Applications and related fields

[Schematic of subareas and related areas]


This is among the largest areas in the Math Reviews database; 81T (Quantum field theory) is among the largest of the 3-digit areas, and 81T13, 81T30, and 81T40 are (each!) among the largest of the 5-digit areas.

During 1980-1990 this field was subdivided a little differently, although many of the parts of the earlier and present system correspond (as is corroborated by the diagram): the old 81B is roughly the present 81P, 81C=81Q, 81D=81S, 81E=81T, 81F=81U, and 81G is roughly 81V; the section 81R is distinctly new, and the old sections 81H through 81N (primarily applications of quantum theory to other parts of physics) were dropped.

(Prior to 1980, the classification simply mirrored the entire MSC, categorizing papers according the mathematical tools involved.)

Browse all (old) classifications for this area at the AMS.

Textbooks, reference works, and tutorials

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Software and tables

Quantum Chemistry software.

General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System (GAMESS)

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