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68Q40: Symbolic computation, algebraic computation


We use this page to store information about Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) as well as the general algorithms used for computer algebra. Specific algorithms (e.g. symbolic differentiation, Gröbner basis calculations, etc.) are treated on the index pages more relevant for those subjects.


Applications and related fields

For the corresponding discussion of numerical computations see 65: Numerical Analysis.


Parent field: 68Q: Theory of computing.

Textbooks, reference works, and tutorials

Paule, P.; Nemes, I.: "A canonical form guide to symbolic summation", Advances in the design of symbolic computation systems, 84--110, Texts Monogr. Symbol. Comput., Springer, Vienna, 1997. MR98m:68131

There is a newsgroup sci.math.symbolic for general discussion of symbolic algebra, and several product-specific newsgroups for particular vendors' products, including comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica and comp.soft-sys.math.scilab.

There is a Maple mailing list at maple-list@daisy.uwaterloo.ca; Here is mailing list information; Citations for reference materials for Maple.

Software and tables

This seems to be the appropriate place to list the major computer packages which use symbolic computation:

Other web sites with this focus

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