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30: Functions of a complex variable


Complex variables studies the effect of assuming differentiability of functions defined on complex numbers. Fascinatingly, the effect is markedly different than for real functions; these functions are much more rigidly constrained, and in particular it is possible to make very definite comments about their global behaviour, convergence, and so on. This area includes Riemann surfaces, which look locally like the complex plane but aren't the same space. Complex-variable techniques have great use in applied areas (including electromagnetics, for example).


Applications and related fields

Problems involving complex numbers, rather than functions, are likely to be topics in algebra; see especially 12: Fields.

For analysis on manifolds, See 58-XX

Specific functions (e.g. the Gamma function) are treated with special functions or, in the case of the zeta function and its relatives, with analytic number theory [Schematic of subareas and related areas]


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Textbooks, reference works, and tutorials

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Software and tables

Conformal package at Netlib

f(z) - The Complex Variables Program

There is a collection of programs for personal computers at the Mathematics Archives

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