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13P: Computational aspects of commutative algebra


Perhaps the title makes it clear what this section is! For now this page is largely a placeholder; more information is on the parent page for commutative algebra.


Applications and related fields

The computational tools described on this page are used in other areas, particularly algebraic geometry and its subfields (e.g. one can compute the envelope of a curve). Roughly speaking we have included here the comments which are best exemplified with varieties of dimension zero (finite sets of points) and in section 14 the comments which involve more geometry than computation.

Computation in polynomial rings overlaps 12F: Field extensions (Galois theory). In particular, look there for computational questions involving the factorization of univariate polynomials.

There have been a number of applications to topics in robotics and the motions of linked systems.

See Also 68Q40


Parent field: 13: Commutative Rings and Algebras

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