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11T: Finite fields and commutative rings: number-theoretic aspects



Applications and related fields

For polynomials over finite fields see the page on polynomials


Parent field: 11: Number Theory

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Textbooks, reference works, and tutorials

McEliece, Robert J.: "Finite fields for computer scientists and engineers", Kluwer Academic Publisher, Boston, Mass., 1987. 207 pp. ISBN 0-89838-191-6

Lang, Serge: "Cyclotomic fields I and II", With an appendix by Karl Rubin. Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 121. Springer-Verlag, New York-Berlin, 1990. 433 pp. ISBN 0-387-96671-4

There is a journal, Finite Fields and Their Application.

See also the references for number theory in general.

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